Effective communication holds the key to productivity

Effective communication holds the key to productivity

Tee Hor Chang, Regional Operation Director of Jebsen & Jessen Packaging Malaysia, discusses why clear communication is key to productivity

“We understand that having great camaraderie and employee recognition are important factors for staff motivation. Strengthening bonds within the team, enhancing employee satisfaction and creating a sense of security in their value to the company, will in turn greatly contribute to better performance,” said Tee Hor Chang, Regional Operation Director of Jebsen & Jessen Packaging Malaysia.

With the intensification of competition in Malaysia, a key manufacturing hub in the ASEAN region, there has been a shift towards automation and a focus on lean management ideology. Since 2018, Jebsen & Jessen Packaging has been reinventing its operations flow, reducing inventory and converting labour-intensive processes to system-oriented ones.

Such changes mean that teams have to be trained to work effectively within the new system, and communication is key to helping them understand and adapt to this change. In an interview with People Matters Global, Tee elaborates on how a communication-centric approach can help ease employees into the new workflow and processes, with an emphasis on message simplicity and employee motivation. He also gives insight into the delicate balance between capital expenditure and the labour force, and how weighing the benefits of productivity gains against costs is paramount to creating the most suitable mix of old and new.

~ Article excerpt from People Matters Global

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