Mackerel Spirit in Action

Employee Spotlight: Adia Nurokhman

Adia Nurokhman isn't just a Sales Manager at Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients in Indonesia – he's on a mission! A mission to keep learning, keep contributing, and always go the extra mile in everything he does.

More than just hitting sales targets, Adia (Sales Manager and currently acting Department Manager) leads a diverse team across Biofuels, Agrochemicals, and even Automotive. ​ His passion fuels sustainable growth for Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients in Indonesia. He embodies the true Mackerel Spirit – constantly attuned to market trends and customer needs, Adia keeps his PC Department innovating and expanding to stay ahead.

Embracing the Challenge, Achieving Recognition

One of Adia's proudest achievements exemplifies the Mackerel Spirit perfectly. Unfazed by the challenge of improving the Indonesian biodiesel filtration process, he saw an opportunity to shine. His leadership and dedication led to significant business growth, even garnering recognition at the prestigious JRS Fiber Solutions APAC Seminar in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Growing as a Leader

A big believer in continuous learning, Adia participated in the Talent Management Programme, honing his skills in innovation and teamwork. Now a graduate, Adia has valuable learning to share:

Creativity: It's not just good for you, it gives Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients that extra edge in the market.

Teamwork: Building trust, sharing vision, and fostering open communication among team members enables effective collaboration in navigating challenges. Adia believes that when you've got a solid crew by your side—people you trust, who share your vision, and communicate effectively, that's when magic happens. 

Adaptability: Sometimes small changes in habits and mindset can lead to huge opportunities for growth.

Giving Back: It's All About Community

Beyond his professional success, Adia finds fulfillment in giving back. He actively supports underprivileged children in Sukabumi through Sedekah Seribu Sehari. He believes in the power of kindness to create positive ripples within communities.

Celebrating Heritage: Roots Run Deep

Adia, a loving father of two, also finds purpose in sharing his love for the Quran with his children. He actively encourages them to read, memorise, and apply Islamic values in their lives.

Hailing from West Java, Indonesia, Adia's roots run deep. He holds a special place in his heart for Sundanese arts like Silat (a martial art) and Jaipongan (a traditional dance). His vibrant performance at a recent company event exemplifies his pride in his heritage.

Rewarding Aspects of Work and Career Advice 

What makes Adia love his job at Jebsen & Jessen the most? The collaborative culture and the chance to create real benefits for customers. ​ He thrives on striking deals that bring value to clients.

Looking back, Adia has career tips for newcomers: remain curious, embrace learning opportunities, and seek mentorship. It's all about staying agile and riding the waves of opportunity. ​ 

Looking Ahead to the Future

Adia's got big dreams! He wants to expand the PC department's product portfolio and explore new business territories across Indonesia. ​ His long-term goal is to contribute to regional functions, taking advantage of Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients' focus on continuous learning.

Living a Balanced Life

Adia's approach to life is more about finding harmony in the journey. He prioritises his faith through prayer, achieves excellence in his work, and makes time for the activities that bring him joy, like spending time with family and celebrating his heritage. It's about dedication without sacrificing well-being and finding ways to integrate his passions into his daily life. Adia exemplifies the importance of creating healthy boundaries and pursuing activities that recharge him, making him a well-rounded individual and a true inspiration.

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