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The end of the year marks a time for celebration and gifting, but it is also a time for reflection. Despite being the busiest time of the year for those of us in the finance space, it is also an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and successes of the past year, and the new goals we will set in the year to come. The past year was certainly not without challenges as Covid-19 continued (and still continues) to disrupt the way we work. And yet, this activated a spirit of resilience and innovation within us, motivating us to innovate solutions and persevere despite the odds to achieve our goals.

As the saying goes, “it takes a village”, and in spite of the long periods of separation brought about by lockdowns, adversity somehow brought us closer together and remarkable teamwork took us to the finish line. It is one thing to look back with pride on the success of going live in several key markets during a very turbulent time in human history, but quite another to be recognised for it on a regional level.

Team of the Year by Singapore Business Review

The HUB was named the Team of the Year 2021 in Malaysia! This accolade was conferred to us by the Malaysia Management Excellent Awards 2021, which aims to recognise the country's most exceptional business leaders and innovation. Being only at the infancy of their journey, the HUB not only embraces this Award as an affirmation for the hard work and determination they have invested into achieving their goals, but also as a shimmering reminder of what we can accomplish if we commit to working together.

We are also reminded that the word “Team” in this Award reflects a combination of efforts, from many parts of the Jebsen & Jessen Group. It is this spirit of collaboration and cooperation that has allowed the HUB to achieve the first milestone of Jebsen & Jessen’s transformation, which is the implementation of the HUB. This experience has been a true reflection of Jebsen & Jessen’s spirit of partnership and collaboration, a resounding victory and the essence of #JJStrongerTogether!

“Naturally, there is so much more that needs to be done and more challenges to overcome. It should come as a surprise to anyone that the past 18-20 months of the HUB’s implementation was a roller coaster ride of emotions. From elation to frustration, and from joy to burnout. (Now rewind and replay that 8 times over). An honest assessment of the past year is incomplete without also taking into account the failures. The word “failure” may be distasteful to some, but at the HUB, we adopt the wisdom of antiquity, which tells us that failures are an inevitable part of lessons you must learn of your journey to true success.” shared by Michelle Pereira, General Manager of the HUB.

They are by no means done, and there is a multitude of opportunities that still lie on the horizon. The HUB aims to not only grow its service portfolio further, but also find new leaner, faster and more efficient ways to serve their customers in Jebsen & Jessen. They will also be embarking on more streamlining of processes, and digitalisation wherever possible.

“Yes, winning Team of the Year Award from Singapore Business Review is a big victory for the HUB, and yes, we will celebrate it with all the merriment and glee we can muster. However, we will embrace this award for what it truly is; which is not just a shiny trophy in the cabinet, but a constant reminder of what we can achieve when we work together towards a common goal. It does not represent the end of a journey; it is merely the first chapter of a success story that is still being written. It must, and will, inspire us to accomplish more!” added Michelle.

Congratulations to everyone at the HUB!

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